Youthline open 24/7

17 January 2012

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Youthline’s helpline will continue operating 24/7 throughout the Christmas holiday period, ensuring young people and families all around New Zealand get the support they need.

Youthline Auckland CEO, Stephen Bell says although this is generally considered a happy time of year, it can also be very difficult for a lot of young people.

“As well as the usual issues facing youth, the summer break can bring stress associated with the start of a new educational year, including, for many, leaving home for the first time, with the transition to university or training institutes. Others will be starting work, while just as many will begin a search for employment.  In any of these situations, it’s easy to be overcome with worry,” he says.

Alongside these concerns, the pressure and financial stress that many families experience at this time of year, combined with increased social activity where drug and alcohol intake becomes higher can negatively affect family relationships and the wellbeing of young people.

“The great thing about Youthline is that people can contact us anytime they want.  From crisis situations, to those just wanting someone to listen - we offer the chance to talk things through in a confidential, non-threatening way,” says Mr Bell.

Youthline wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

If you would like to connect to Youthline you can do so in the following ways:

Helpline: 0800 37 66 33

Free Text: 234

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