Youth Declaration gives young people a voice

16 February 2012

Last September six young people began work on an event that seeks to inspire, educate and empower youth, by talking about on issues that affect all New Zealanders. The event is Youth Declaration, an annual conference for high school students, which will be bigger and better than ever in 2012.

These Auckland university students, and AYV members, are all part of UN Youth, a youth-for-youth organisation best known for running Model United Nations events.

Youth Declaration is an event that gives young people a chance to speak up about issues that matter to them, and to all New Zealanders. With young people organising the event as well, the result is an exciting four days of discussion and activities designed to empower young leaders.

“Youth Declaration has an incredible energy and optimism. After attending last year, I knew that I wanted to continue to make Youth Declaration possible,” says Elliot Hurst, Youth Declaration’s Education Officer. “It is very rewarding to see so many young people discussing issues that are so important for our future, and coming up with creative solutions.”

In the past, the Governor General, many Members of Parliament, Councillors and Government Ministries have all received and responded to the Declaration.

For committee members the past few months have involved many meetings and hard work, and there are still another three months of planning to go, but all are excited about seeing the conference taking shape.

Registrations are now open for Youth Declaration 2012, and the organisers encourage anyone who may be interested to apply.

Youth Declaration will be held from 13 to 16 April at the University of Auckland.

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