Are you ready to give way?

19 March 2012

With two of the give way rules changing at 5am on Sunday 25 March 2012, why not test yourself on the new rules and some of the rules that stay the same?

New Zealand Transport Agency has come up with an online quiz with nine questions to see if you will know what to do when coming up to a give way.


To make our roads safer, two of the give way rules are changing. These changeswill affect all drivers, riders, pedestrians and cyclists. Remember to share theroad, obey all road signs and signals, and make sure you know the new rules.

If you’re turning right, give way

This rule will apply at intersections where two vehicles are facing no signs or signals, or thesame signs or signals. You will need to give way to left turning vehicles coming from the opposite direction if you are turning right.

If you’re turning right give way example

Top of the ‘T’ goes before me

Top of the ‘T’ goes before me

If you’re turning right from the bottom of a T-intersection with no signs or signals, you will need to give way to all vehicles at the top of the T.

So at all T-intersections and driveways, including public driveways such as at a supermarket or hospital, think ‘Top of the T goes before me’.

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