Youth in Emergency Preparedness Fund

The Youth in Emergency Preparedness Fund supports national programmes run collaboratively with the Ministry of Youth Development and the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management. In July 2017, the Minister for Youth announced funding totalling $100,000 for this fund which will support both Youth in Emergency Services and Youth in Civil Defence programmes.

Suitable participants will be young people (aged between 16-20 years) who are motivated, keen to learn, responsible, and enjoy tackling new challenges. Each community will recruit suitable candidates from their local schools and/or local social services agency.

About the Youth in Emergency Services programme

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The Youth in Emergency Services (YES) programme provides a great opportunity to build the knowledge and skills of our young people to contribute to both emergency preparedness and response in New Zealand. These experiences will pay dividends both for the individuals involved and our wider communities.

The programme is designed to grow and strengthen young people’s connection to their community by encouraging them to engage with a range of emergency services, and it potentially opens the door for young people to continue to volunteer, and follow a career path, with emergency services, such as fire or ambulance.

Volunteer emergency services run the Youth in Emergency Services programme as an inspiration orientation for young people to volunteer in their community.

It's recommended that 15-20 young people represents the optimal level of participants in an individual YES Programme.

How does the Youth in Emergency Services programme work?

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The Youth in Emergency Services (YES) programme aims to foster an on-going and sustainable relationship between young people and the volunteer emergency services.

The YES programme is delivered through two phases:

  • Phase One consists of a 35-40 hour Orientation Programme introducing participants to the work of each of the local participating emergency services, which includes theory and practice.
  • Phase Two consists of participants undertaking a volunteering opportunity, supported by YES programme mentors, for a minimum of two months with their chosen emergency service.

The YES programme aims to strengthen young people’s capability, resilience, and their sense of connection to their community. It does this by linking them with new and challenging opportunities to demonstrate their leadership skills and to experience a sense of contribution and responsibility.

How does the Youth in Civil Defence programme work?

The Youth in Civil Defence programme is aimed at young people, to encourage new ideas and innovation ways to build resilience in other young people.

The Youth in Civil Defence is “for youth, by youth". Young people, with the support of organisations, will develop and lead initiatives designed to not only to increase participants’ knowledge and skills in emergency preparedness, but also encourage other young people to be prepared and get involved in civil defence and emergency management.

Below is an example of a Youth in Civil Defence programme project.

Northland Youth Theatre Project 2017

Northland Youth Theatre, in conjunction with Northland CDEM, worked with ten young people to create a short two-minute video to raise awareness about civil defence. Prior to making the video, the young people worked with Northland CDEM, NZ Fire Service, NZ Red Cross and NZ Police to learn about civil defence, disaster response and the emergency services. The video can be viewed on the Northland Youth Theatre Facebook Page.

Who can apply?

For the Youth in Emergency Services and Youth in Civil Defence programmes, regional civil defence and emergency management groups, local councils, schools, and organisations aimed at providing development opportunities for youth, will be invited to submit applications for funding.

These groups are welcome to make a submission to one or both of these programmes.

How to apply

Volunteering for the NZ Fire Service

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$10,000 will be awarded per Youth in Emergency Services programme, while up to $5,000 can be awarded per Youth in Civil Defence programme.

Applications open on 24 July and close at 5pm on 25 August 2017.

Applications are now closed.

For more information

Please contact Sarah Freer, Senior Advisor Youth Development.


Cell: 029 2014274