Youth Fund - Frequently Asked Questions

How are funding decisions made?

A panel of young people appointed by MYD will assess all applications against the criteria for Youth Fund. The assessors will also consider the:

  • project’s practicality, viability, value and benefits
  • level of support from young people
  • fit with government priorities
  • availability of funding (the Youth Fund is limited to a total of $200,000 excluding GST)

MYD will check that the:

  • organisations applying for, or supporting the young people have the appropriate Social Sector Accreditation Standard
  • previous history of Outcome Agreement compliance, and
  • recommended funding by the panels is between $2,000 (excluding GST) and $7,000 (excluding GST) per programme, and is no more than $200,000 (excluding GST) in total (for all projects).

Can there be multiple applications?

From the same people/organisation: MYD will only accept one application, to the maximum funding amount of $7,000 (excluding GST), per person or organisation. This applies even if the applications are for different projects.

For the same project: MYD will only accept one application, to the maximum funding amount of $7,000 (excluding GST), per project. This applies even if the applications are from different people

What are some projects that have been funded under Youth Fund previously?

You can read about some of the projects that have been funded previously on the MYD website.

When will I know if my application was successful or not?

All applicants will be advised in writing the outcome of their application by late November 2017.

Is there a set number of recommendations that will be made by the panel?

There is a limited amount of funding available ($200,000 excluding GST) and funding (per successful) will be between $2,000 (excluding GST) and $7,000 (excluding GST). The number of approved applications will depend on the suitability of eligible applications and the funding amount requested by applicants.

If the applicant is successful, what level of funding can be expected?

Applications may receive all or part of funding applied for, to a maximum of $7,000 (excluding GST).

What projects or expenses will not be funded through Youth Fund?

MYD is unable to fund:

  • projects that have previously been funded through the Youth Fund
  • projects involving young people outside of the eligible age range (12 to 24 years)
  • projects that have already been started or completed
  • overseas and domestic air travel
  • sponsorship of an individual e.g. to attend conferences
  • young people without the support of a legal entity
  • organisations not working in partnership with a young person or young people
  • contribution to current on-going costs i.e. rent or salaries
  • the purchase of capital items (for example, vehicles or computers)
  • anything that may bring MYD into disrepute.

How does MYD know if a project they have funded has been successful?

Organisations supporting a project funded through Youth Fund will need to complete a report at the end of their project. Information about what providers will be required to report on can be found in the reporting requirements section.

What is the appropriate Social Sector Approval level for Youth Fund?

Projects that do not have an overnight stay: Before any funding is paid to the successful applicants, organisations supporting the project must have at least Level 3 Social Sector Approval. An application for Youth Fund can still be submitted if the organisation does not have this Approval at the time of application, however they will need to obtain this Approval prior to funding being awarded (if their application for Youth Fund is successful).

Projects that have an overnight stay: If a project has an overnight stay the organisation must at the time of application, have at least Level 3 Social Sector Approval with the camp standard. This is due to the length of time it takes to be assessed and achieve the camp standard component. Applications received that have an overnight stay, where the organisation does not already have this Approval level, will be considered ineligible

What is meant by ‘capability and resilience’?

Capability refers to the competencies or skills that people require to live and participate fully in their communities. Building capability is important as it supports the transition into adulthood which is characterised by taking on new social roles.

Resilience refers to the ability to deal with adversity. Resilience has been identified as a significant protective factor, particularly for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

More information can be found in the MYD Investment Strategy

What is meant by ‘in partnership’?

For the purpose of Youth Fund, partnership means working alongside young people. This means young people are involved in the decision making, the development and running of the project.

What is meant by ‘leadership, mentoring or volunteering activities’?

Leadership: gives young people leadership skills or experience.

Mentoring: gives young people access to mentoring or gives them the opportunity to mentor other young people.

Volunteering: provides opportunities for young people to volunteer in their community.